For me:

Art is the inspired expression as a solution to the desire to materialize an idea mentally elaborated with reflection from different points of view.

What makes a work rich and complete is the validity of its answers to those numerous points of view, reflected from a non-conformist mind in the desire to find harmony.

The functional point of view, far from being a limitation to artistic freedom, is the point of view that fundamentally brings love to the intention of the creative desire.

- Ernesto Oñate



Bold structures solved by the combination of hardwood and steel.

See the CONFIDENCE Style

See the CONFIDENCE Style

Wikipedia/The Knifegrinder



CRISOL style

Style inspired by the diversity of cosmopolitan cities such as TORONTO,…

See the CRISOL Style

…the cultural diversity of the peoples, regions and countries that make up the European continent, the diversity of styles, trends, isms and personal experiences developed in the art of s. XX in the rarity and richness of the marvel of each of our planet's natural ecosystems and in the enriching vision of each viewpoint of each person participating in the evolution of this new global world. CRISOL that mixes, combines and links the ancestral and the new, in search of new emotions of happiness.

It’s the Union of hardwoods with a surprising visual contrast. It’s a melting pot full of the beauty of African Padauk timber, Zebrawood, Wenge timber and Macassar Ebony with the steel and the glass.

See the CRISOL Style




SPRING Collection


4 tables with exclusive design inspired by ‘La Primavera! By Botticelli.

See the SPRING Collection - UNIQUE PIECES

See the SPRING Collection

Wikipedia/Primavera (Spring)




DANZA Collection

Inspired by the work by Henri Matisse: “Dance”, 1910.


DANZA is a powerful generating idea, for the design of different furniture, with strong formal definitions in the design of the parts that form them.

Chair, armchair, stool or auxiliary furniture emerge from this idea.

 See the DANZA Collection

See the DANZA Collection. CRISOL Style

Wikipedia/ Dance (Matisse)




MAKASSAR Collection


Collection inspired by the jungle and mystical landscapes of the paradisiac islands of INDONESIA and its sea, one of the richest reserves of biodiversity on the planet.

Combination of Macassar Ebony timber and Wenge timber: character, nobility and elegance.


See the MAKASSAR Collection

See the MAKASSAR Collection





Calm contrast of colours in balanced harmony.

See the BLOOMING Style

See the BLOOMING Style

Fronterad/Josef Albers




The pieces presented here will be manufactured

Specifically for you.


I will choose the wooden planks so that the master craftsmen carpenters will develop and assemble your piece in their workshop.

The whole process is completed under my supervision.

The result of each piece always surprises by the particularities of each piece of Wood, unique and unrepeatable.

I you are an enthusiastic of Wood, you will enjoy the natural beauty

of these solid Wood pieces.




EO DESIGN by Ernesto Oñate

certifies the origin of the pieces by a

Certificate of Authenticity

signed by the designer.

Ernesto Oñate




The images presented on this website are 3D modelling which intend to reflect an approach to the final outcome of the table to be built with natural wood and / or other materials.

The wood used in the construction of these tables may present significant variations in the layout, color and size of their veins. This property provides each table the unique nature beauty that differentiates its beauty.

Each wooden plank chosen to build these tables contains a singularity in the shapes of its veins that adds an emotion to the design, the emotion that only Nature is able to convey.




We also carefully take care of the service that we offer.

We will transport your purchase free to your home.

If you wish, we will mount free the purchased piece you buy by this website in the place you indicate us.

If you decide to return any purchased piece within 14 calendar days, we will manage the collection of the products, with the same means that we made the delivery, (see the costs of the return).