Ernesto Oñate

Ernesto Oñate


When l design, both furniture and spaces, I try to balance form and function with a clear perspective of the materials with which they are going to be constructed, being conscious of the interaction with their environment and with the persons who are going to use or live them and with a basic aim, 

They must thrill me.

I think this is the real possibility that they are useful and thrill my customers and users.

Ernesto Oñate

Ernesto Oñate

My origin

My grandfather, Ernesto Oñate Sarabia, and my father, Pepe Oñate Peñalver, were tailors descendants of tailors, both of them passionate about a well done, exquisite and smart job.

In my childhood, I spent a lot of time playing in the tailor’s and I really liked the working atmosphere that was there and realizing the satisfaction with the results of the work that my family had.

Cehegín, my birthplace, was an ancient town, with noble and kind people, where everyone knew each other, where the streets were extensions of the houses, where running and playing in the streets was always an exciting adventure.

My time at the Valencia School of Architecture was the second period of my life that determined who I am: the concerns, motivations and desires for which I live and work enjoying my job today.

I love my job. Design and creating all kind of spaces or furniture and for any use makes me happy. I especially like creating new ways to use that space or furniture. Because there is always something to improve in the following work, something that is going to make it more interesting, something that appears from a new point of view and makes it new, different and fascinating. I love waiting for that idea that comes to me and inspires me the enthusiasm of giving form to that space or to that furniture.

In September 2014 my thinking took a U turn: It was time to design for me, It was time to go back to design for me!

After many hours of work pushed by the enthusiasm today I present a collection of pieces gathered in six styles differentiated by the ideas that inspired them.

I hope these pieces thrill those who use them as much as I get thrilled when I see the way that each piece is manufactured and taking form.

My gratefulness to you for reading these words.



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August 2017

FATE Table – CRISOL Style

Production number 2016-0216-01

Mesa FATE by Ernesto Oñate en ROSENDO

On view in ROSENDO store,

in Caravaca de la Cruz.




August 2017


Production number 2016-0222-01

Mesa INSPIRATION by Ernesto Oñate en Porcelanosa

Placement in PORCELANOSA Store,

in the Parque Comercial THADER,

in Murcia.




December  2016

DANZA Collection - CRISOL Style

From the Hermitage windows by Ernesto Oñate

I have a beautiful memory of my visit to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. To visit the building and to observe from it what at sight is offered is a whole experience.


Inside is one of the great works that causes me a special emotion: ‘Dance’ by Matisse.

Dance - Matisse

 The representation of the "Farandole Provençale" is an allegory of the joy of living or of happiness as a religion.


‘My models are human figures and not just people without identity in an interior.

They are the main theme of my work. Their forms are not perfect, but they are always expressive. The sentimental interest they arouse in me is not especially perceptible in the representation of their body. It frequently reveals itself in lines or specific values that are distributed throughout the surface of the canvas or paper and which constitute at the same time the orchestral or architectural enlargement of the subject.’



DANZA Collection by Ernesto Oñate

The memory of my visit to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and the impression that caused me to be in front of ‘Dance’ has inspired me the DANZA collection.






September 2016


Production number 2016-0226-01

2016-09-26-ORGA INSPIRATION Table - EO DESIGN by Ernesto Oñate

At the YECLA Furniture stand,

From the 26th to the 29th of September of 2016,

on the Muebles Orga stand.




September 2016


Production number 2016-0222-01

2016-09-22 INSPIRATION Table - EO DESIGN by Ernesto Oñate




August 2016

FATE Table - CRISOL Style

Production number 2016-0216-01

2016-08-31 FATE Table - EO DESIGN by Ernesto Oñate

On view in PORCELANOSA shop,

at THADER Shopping Park,

in Murcia.




November 2015






August 2014


Pergola madera Iroko - EO DESIGN - SUSANA

Iroko wood, wicker and stainless steel.

In CEHEGIN (Murcia) Spain





May 2014


Production number 2013-0123-01

2014-05-09 MYSTERY Table - EO DESIGN by Ernesto Oñate

Acquired by Rubén López and Ana Isabel Abril.

At their residence

in CEHEGÍN (Murcia).




January 2014


Production number 2013-0117-01

2014-01-13 MAGIA Table - EO DESIGN by Ernesto Oñate

Acquired by Daniel José Rodríguez García.

At his residence


The MAGIA table design of January 2013 defines the table to be made of Rosewood.

The first MAGIA table as a prototype is manufactured of sapele wood in January 2014 in the carpentry workshop of Jose and Pedro Nieto, brothers and master carpenters. They are descendants of a long familiar tradition of carpenters. Remember, when Jose and Pedro were children, their mother and their brother Felix, my friend and childhood partner, also working with their father in the carpentry workshop thrills me.

During its manufacturing Daniel Rodriguez the printer, who was working in the first EO DESIGN catalog, got interested in it. He finally bought it as a gift for his wife and sent me an e-mail conveying me his emotion:

"Congratulations! My wife is delighted.... Hahahah"

The Nieto brothers themselves transported it and set it up in their residence dining room in Alicante.




Julio 2013



Primera modelización.

El diseño del tablero de Krion está basado en el logotipo del Restaurante PALADAR, en CARAVACA DE LA CRUZ, de 2006.

La geometría da paso al capricho en busca de una armonía sutil con la naturaleza.




Julio 2013


Mesa madera maciza Krion MAGIA-2013 - EO DESIGN

Primera modelización.

Con el diseño de esta mesa, la estructura de madera maciza se convierte en una constante de inspiración para todo el proceso de diseño posterior. El acero inoxidable pasa a ser el material para el diseño de las piezas de unión que conforman la estructura de apoyo de la mesa.




Junio 2013


Mesa madera maciza Krion CONNECTION - EO DESIGN

Primera modelización.

Una lámina de cristal o de Krion apoyada sobre una estructura mixta de madera maciza y acero inoxidable es la idea inspiradora del diseño.




Febrero 2013


Mesa madera Krion acero EMPIRE - EO DESIGN

Primera modelización.

El diseño del tablero de Krion MANTEL-2 se inspira de nuevo en la idea de un mantel de tela flotando en el aire, cuyas caídas en las cabeceras le aportan la ligereza y sutileza como leitmotiv de la idea que también inspiró a la mesa MAVI.




Noviembre 2012

Estantería ENCUENTRO

Estantería madera Krion ENCUENTRO - EO DESIGN

Desliza cada estante a la altura que prefieras y se quedará ahí.

La estantería se hace con lejas deslizantes.

Las lejas se mantienen a la altura deseada al encajarse por el movimiento de giro que ejerce su propio peso al soltarlas después de desplazarlas.




Noviembre 2012

Estantería ENCUENTRO

2012-11-29 Estantería ENCUENTRO - EO DESIGN

Primera modelización.




Agosto 2012



Primera modelización.

El diseño del tablero de Krion se inspira en la idea de un mantel de tela flotando en el aire, el cual queda descuadrado en sus cuatro esquinas para reflejar la ligereza y sutileza de una mesa vestida, cuya estructura de apoyo se reduce a unos haces de líneas de brillo inclinadas.




Noviembre 2006

Restaurante PALADAR

Restaurante PALADAR by Ernesto Oñate

Logo PALADAR by Ernesto Oñate

Diseño del logotipo y rótulo del Restaurante PALADAR en CARAVACA DE LA CRUZ, que se inaugura en diciembre de 2006.

Este diseño es la base para el desarrollo de la mesa YOGHURT en julio de 2013.