Two wood exactly alike do not exist.

The woods used by its natural character, have variations in color and the shape of their veins.


Each piece we produce is unique.

This feature makes each piece of furniture a unique and singular element; differentiating its beauty.


I care personally the manufacturing of each piece.

I choose the wooden planks that will build each table and I carefully supervise the whole production process.


I love to discover the beauty that is within each wooden plank.





Makassar Ebony




African Padauk






‘Responsible wood consumption is an environmental good

     The use of wood from sustainably managed forests ensures respect for the environment and the possibility to enjoy a modern durable product design which provides comfort, gives quality of life, and promotes healthy living.

     Compared to other competing materials that require a lot of energy in their production, use and disposal, the wood processing is performed with a low energy consumption. The cycle of production, use and disposal leads to a positive environmentally balance, since it set CO2 in its growth, the main gas that causes climate change...‘ (Las 75 especies de madera más utilizadas en España. Monográfico de AEIM nº 2, 2007. ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE IMPORTADORES DE MADERA).




Knowledge of the physical properties of wood, its characteristics and its singularities allows us to decide to properly use each of the species and give them an appropriate use.


I have collected information on the characteristics and properties of other woods.


I ordered the timber lists collected on this site in decreasing order of hardness.

On the "Timbers" menu they appear sorted by this criterion. In front of each timber name appears a number that matches with its hardness.

I use this criterion in considering that this is the physical property of the timber that more efficiently compares the different species timbers.






Among the sources of information used are:

“Las 75 especies de madera más utilizadas en España”. Monográfico de AEIM nº 2, 2007. ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE IMPORTADORES DE MADERA.